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Love Your Overlocker

Do you have an overlocker at home and are just too scared to get it out of the box? Or are you unsure about buying one and just want to have a go first?

In this workshop you will learn how to use an overlocker with confidence.

Love Your Overlocker
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Sat, Aug 5 2017 | 10:00-13:00
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Mon, Sep 11 2017 | 18:30-21:30

Do you have an overlocker at home and are just too scared to get it out of the box? Or are you unsure about buying one and just want to have a go first?

In this workshop you will learn how to use an overlocker with confidence as they really arenít that scary. We will show you how to thread a machine and youíll create your own sample library to understand the different settings to be able to use your machine at home.

We will provide everything you need for this workshop including plenty of tea, coffee and cake to keep you going.

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starstarstarno starno starWonderful! She has t 9th Mar 2015
Wonderful! She has two little boys and they were fihtging over these cookies! I want to do a copycat feature of these cookies. I am working on the post tonight. I will let you know as soon as I post it!
starstarstarstarstarIt finally makes sense! 16th Jan 2016
The course was really useful. It gave me the opportunity to have a go, make samples and ask questions to get to grips with the mystery that was the overlocker. I feel confident enough to finally have another go at using the machine that's been sat gathering dust! Thank you!
starstarstarstarstarOverlockng - From Arggghgggh to ahhhh in 3hrs! 18th Jan 2016
I've wanted an overlocker for the best part of 30 years and finally my wish came true this Christmas! However, Arrrgggghhhh! where on earth do I start because this is one scary looking machine! After three hours with Jules at Sew Me Something all is revealed! Ahhhh! The course gives you lots of practical skills to give you experience of the machine - you also create samples as you go along and instructions to take away with the samples to show you how you did it - invaluable for future sewing projects. I now feel fully confident to not only get my overlocker out of the box but to start using it for projects too! The book that I got for Christmas now also makes much more sense because I have some context for it. I learn best by doing and this course was perfect for me. Its the 2nd course I've attended here, the first was to make the Imogen blouse and I love the way Jules and the team run the sessions; Very friendly, non judgmental, and at very nice pace. Thanks for giving me confidence in my abilities - money well spent - I hope to return soon.
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