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Jules' Journal | Introduction To Sew Me Something

Hi there, thanks for stopping by. 

I thought I would re-introducing myself and Sew Me Something as we’ve grown a bit in the last couple of years and you might want to know a bit more about us. 

My name is Jules and I am a pattern cutter by trade and a problem solver by nature. So they kind of work together. 

Jules in a navy dress stood at a desk drawing

Creating three dimensional clothing from a flat bit of paper and fabric is a bit like alchemy, or so says my husband. But it is what really floats my boat and why and how I started Sew Me Something. (You can read more about that on the About Us page on our website). 

How I started Sew Me Something

Sew Me something all started in 2012, and really it was a way for me to indulge myself in creating the Clothes I Really Wanted to Wear, as well as sharing all the sewing and teaching knowledge I have gained through the years. Although this has changed over time, just like my role within the business. 

Back in 2012 it was just me running workshops in the evening and working in the shop during the day. But before long I needed help doing both and some lovely ladies have supported me over the years helping me run the teaching side and working in the shop.

The team

Claire, our sample maker and tutor has been with me almost from the beginning. Starting as a Saturday sales team member, she has grown and developed her role within the business just as I have. And as Sew Me Something has grown so has the team, which means I am lucky enough to have an amazing group of people around me to help create patterns, run workshops and stock beautiful fabric. Sew Me Something really is a team effort. 

I no longer teach as much as I used to, but I do make sure I’m keeping in touch with our customers through the shows we attend, the retreats and diploma courses we run. Meeting and chatting to the people who trust us in joining us for workshops or buying our patterns is such a thrill. I really do love seeing what people have done with our patterns and how they have made them their own. One of my favourite parts of running SMS is attending the shows. It really is a highlight for me and I am so glad we are able to be back out on the road again. 

Looking forward, the creative aspects of running a business and a growing team are my new challenges. But all through this I firmly believe that the single purpose of any business is to help people. 

We want to share our love for making and to help others find the joy in creating. Whether that is clothes, lino prints, stenciling or even book binding. The act of creating something tangible that you can hold in your hands is a wonderful way to take care of yourself and share some creative energy with others too. 

I am incredibly grateful that we are able to welcome people into our studio again. Having people with us sharing our creative space is what we are all about. And I hope you are able to join us in the sewing studio either in person or online very soon. 

Take care
Jules x

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