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Introduction to Photography - Take Control of Your Camera


How to take control of your camera and create the photographs you want. 

Do you have all the gear but little idea of actually how to use your wonderful new camera?

This 1 day introductory course will show you the basic of how to take better photographs and get your settings off Manual.

If you don’t learn to drive your camera in manual, you’re letting the camera’s computer make decisions for you - you’re not in control of the images you make. 

When you have full control over your camera, your artistic vision can start to come to life. 

Award-winning photographer Lorentz Gullachsen has been taking professional photographs for decades. He’s taught hundreds of people how to really allow themselves to discover their creativity with their cameras. 

You’ll learn the first steps to be in control of your camera, your vision, your creativity.

What you’ll learn: 

  • How to get off auto, take control of your camera.
  • How and when to use the different settings, from fully manual to shutter and aperture priority
  • How to frame photographs
  • How to get your object in focus
  • How to get that artistic blurry background
  • How to get your exposure right
  • How to avoid camera shake
  • What different lenses do - we’ll have a wide variety to look at
  • Everything you need to know about ISO - your sensor’s sensitivity
  • What camera kit you need for the pictures you want to take
  • What is white balance and how to use it creatively
  • When to use jpg and when to use RAW files
  • Using single shot, burst shooting and self-timers
  • Basic editing

    You’ll get a PDF of course notes to refer to whenever you like.

    Learn to start taking full control of your photography and let your creativity grow. 

    Follow on Courses Available

    For those who enjoy this starter workshop, we have a series of workshops that will stretch your photographic skills, giving you the opportunity to learn first hand, to ask any question you like, and actually practice with your own camera in a safe, supportive environment. 


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