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Elevate Your Winter Look: Customise your Edie Coat with a matching scarf and get ready to snuggle this Winter

Elevate Your Winter Look: Customise your Edie Coat with a matching scarf and get ready to snuggle this Winter

Embrace the winter season in style with our beloved Edie coat, a seamless blend of simplicity and sophistication. Elevate its charm by adding a chic matching scarf crafted from spare boiled wool (used to make your coat), ensuring you stay cosy and fashionable throughout the colder months.

Follow our straightforward instructions below, to create your effortlessly integrated scarf:-

Supplies you will need:

  • Boiled wool, approximately 60-80cm (by the width of the fabric)
  • Scrap piece of boiled wool, approximately 7cm x 10cm
  • Optional: Contrast fabric or lining fabric, 60-80cm
  • 1x Button (medium to large)

Let's Dive into Sewing:

1. Lay your boiled wool fabric, ensuring the selvedges match, and cut a straight, clean edge, free from any jagged edges, making sure to cut it at a 90 degree angle from the selvedge.

2. Mark out a width between 30-40cm for your scarf; we opted for a width of 32cm. Cut out two fabric widths accordingly.

3. Align the selvedges with right sides together and stitch them in place. Optionally, sew down the raw edges according to your preference.

4. Cut out a tab (7cm x 10cm) from spare fabric or use our provided printout pattern piece. Mark and sew the buttonhole at the tab's center, according to the size button you are using.



5. Attach the tab to the bottom of the scarf at the center back seam. Allow the tab to overlap the scarf by 2cm and secure it in place, reinforcing it with a rectangular stitch for stability.

6. Align the tab with the back neck of the Edie Coat and mark the button placement on the back neck facing. Sew the button securely in place.

7. Determine your desired scarf length and trim accordingly.


Congratulations! Your Edie Coat with its matching scarf is now ready for your winter wardrobe!

Why not take your scarf to the next level?? Consider adding a contrasting fabric to the inside of the scarf. Follow these steps: Cut the contrast fabric the same as the scarf and sew at the CB seam, line the boiled wool and contrasting fabric with right sides together, and start sewing near the CB, you’ll want to leave an 8cm gap so that the scarf can be bagged out but also leaves room for the tab to be exposed.  Finish by clipping the corners, bag out the scarf and press, then with the tab on the outside sew the seam closed.

Or how about adding extra flair, experimenting with blanket stitching around the scarf's outer edge and attach tassels to the scarf ends. Personalise your Edie coat scarf to reflect your unique style and preferences!

We love seeing your finished sewing projects and would be interested to see how you have customised your Edie scarf creations. Share your personalised touch by tagging us in your social media posts @sewmesomething or emailing your photos to hello@sewmesomething.

Stay warm, stay stylish, and let your creativity soar with your tailored Edie coat scarf!

Happy Sewing!

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