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Please note: We will send orders to the EU, but customers must be aware that they may have additional charges to get their order through customs.

SMS PDF Pattern Printing Service


Please let us know which pattern you would like printing and your order number for that PDF pattern purchase in the comments section of your order.

For example if you have ordered the Imogen Top PDF Pattern from us, your order number will be on your email confirmation. If you'd like more than one pattern, just pop them into your basket one by one. 

If you are a Silk Sewing Studio Member and would like one of the In-Depth Course Patterns Printing - add which pattern you would like to print and 'Sewing Studio Member' in the notes. 

About our PDF Printing Service

PDF Patterns are a quick and easy way to get sewing, but do require a bit of cutting and sticking, if you print them off at home on your A4 printer. 

But cut and stick NO MORE!

As we print all our patterns ourselves on our trusted large format printer, Big Bertha, we thought it was about time we offered this service to you. So if you have already purchased a PDF Pattern from us we can now relieve you of all that cutting and sticking and print the pattern out for you on one continuous sheet of paper, well sometimes it'll be two depending on the pattern. 


Pattern Categories

We have separated our patterns up into 4 categories, depending on how much paper they require. So look for your pattern in the list and select the category in the drop down menu above that applies to your pattern. 


Viola, Iris, Regan, Celia, Hero, Beatrice, Clerical T-Shirt, Peaseblossom (Sewing Studio Version), Cressida Dress SKIRT ONLY, Misses Snug Tee, Misses Flute Vest, Misses Quince Cardi, Misses Robyn Leggings, Curvy Snug Tee, Curvy Flute Vest, Curvy Robyn Leggings, Eleanor Shirt MISSES, Nell Trousers MISSES, Gertrude MISSES, Juno MISSES


Peaseblossom, Paulina, Julia, Bianca, Hippolyta, Helena, Kate, Rosalind Pj Bottoms, Misses Snout Yoga Pants, Curvy Quince Cardi, Perdita Misses, Rosa Misses, Eleanor Shirt Curvy, Nell Trousers Curvy, Lavinia Misses, Imogen Misses, Duchess Misses, Cesario Shirt


Emelia, Cordelia, Miranda, Portia, Ursula, Scrubs, Hermione, Ariel, Perdita Curvy, Angelica Misses, Rosa Curvy, Gertrude Curvy, Juno Curvy, Imogen Curvy, Duchess Curvy


Cressida Jumpsuit, Cressida Dress WHOLE PATTERN, Rosalind, Desdemona, Curvy Snout Yoga Pants, Angelica Curvy, Lavinia Curvy, Cleo Misses/Curvy, Titania Robe, Olivia Origami Sweatshirt


Please note that when ordering you MUST tell us your pattern purchase order number to confirm that you already have the pattern before we can print it for you. 


What is PDF Pattern Printing?

A PDF Pattern is a digital version of our normal printed paper patterns so you can download this and use it at home. Usually you can print it off in small sections, on an A4 home printer and then tile them all together, to create a large single sheet with all the pattern pieces you need on it. This requires a bit off effort and so to help you along with this, we can print your pattern out for you on one sheet or paper and then pop this in the post to you. 

Do I have to buy the pattern first? 

Yes. You will need to buy the PDF version of the pattern you'd like us to print. Just let us know the order number, from that purchase and add it to the comments box when you order the printing service. It will be on the email you receive to confirm your pattern purchase. 


Can you print out other companies patterns for me? 

No, I'm afraid we are only able to print out Sew Me Something Patterns. 

What weight of paper do you use? 

We will print out your pattern on the same weight of paper that we use to print our normal paper patterns. It is between 60 - 80gsm so nice and study to use but you can still get a pin through it. 

Do you print the instructions? 

No, we only print the pattern itself. Most people prefer to read the instructions from their laptop or iPad when sewing. If you'd like to print them you can do that at home on an A4 printer or from an Internet cafe or library.

Can I only have part of a pattern printed, just the pieces for a particular version?

No, the patterns are printed as a whole to give you all the options available. 

I have the bought the paper pattern not the pdf, can I still have this printed? 

No I'm afraid we can only print PDF patterns. 

Will you ship outside the UK? 

Yes, We will happily send out printed patterns wherever Royal Mail deliver! 






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