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How To Add A Mobile Phone Pocket To Your Ferdi Dungarees

Every so often here at the SMS Studios, we plan a sewing day to make up our latest pattern release (can you blame us?). Some of us are very much beginner sewers (we won't out the marketing team). But, fortunately (for us and you!), some of us are seasoned pros. AKA Hayley - our In-house Pattern Designer & Cutter.

So it's hardly surprising that after already sewing many, many Ferdi Dungarees pattern samples during the design process - that she would want to add a little something extra for her own version... Like, her secret mobile phone pocket!

After a LOT of love on our socials when we posted a pic, we thought we would share how she did it, so you can too. Here is how Hayley added her mobile phone pocket to her Ferdi Dungarees in 8 simple steps.

How To Add A Mobile Phone Pocket To Your Ferdi Dungarees

Step 1

On a piece of fabric lay down your mobile phone, along the straight grain, leaving enough space for seam allowance and mark the sides of your mobile phone.

An illustration of a iPhone laid on top of a piece of fabric


Step 2

Remove your phone and join up your lines to give a rectangle shape - make sure the corners are at a right angle and the lines are parallel to each other.

A piece of fabric with an outline of a phone drawn on it

Step 3

Add a 1.5cm seam allowance around the sides and the bottom, and a 3.5cm seam allowance at the top of the pocket. Then cut out this shape.


Illustration of fabric with measurements on it

Step 4

Neaten the top of the pocket and fold in by 3.5cms, press along the top and then topstitch in place.

Illustration of a cut out pocket with stitches on the top

Step 5

Neaten the three raw edges of the pocket.

Illustration of a fabric pocket with the raw edge neatened

Step 6

Fold in the sides and bottom of the pocket by 1.5cms. Press in place and mitre the corners to keep them tidy.

Illustration of a fabric pocket with the corners mitred

Step 7

You will need sew on your mobile phone pocket first, before adding the side patch pockets to your Ferdis. 

Lay out the sewn dungaree panel flat on the table, right side up. Place your large patch pocket in place following the dots, now lay your smaller mobile phone pocket in place, making sure that it is hidden inside the larger pocket and mark with dots on the dungaree panel where you feel the smaller pocket should go.

Remove the larger pocket and lay your smaller pocket in place and topstitch.


llustration of the dungarees with the smaller pocket in place and topstitched

Step 8

Now continue to follow the instructions on topstitching your bigger/main pocket in place.

Illustration of dungarees with the bigger/main pocket topstitched in place

And there you have it! A simple hack, for a handy extra pocket. Will you be adding one to your Ferdis?

If you do, share your pics with us by tagging us on Instagram @sewmesomething and using the hashtags #ferdidungarees #smspatterns

Two images side by side showing a woman's hand opening a pocket to show a phone and a woman's hand with painted nails and a ring pulling a phone out of a pocket

Hayley created her Ferdi Dungarees using SMS Hunters Green Laundered Linen

Need help with sewing jargon? No problem! Check out our A-Z Glossary Of Sewing Terms.

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