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#StitchDon'tDitch - How To Fix A Frayed Hole At A Seam

Whether you've bought it or made it, seams are notoriously the first thing to go on a garment. Maybe it's because the fabric has worn or maybe the overlocking wasn't too great. Either way, we've all been there.

And, with an effort to prevent clothes ending up in a landfill (when all they need is a quick fix!) We've put together a little tutorial on how to fix a frayed hole at a seam, so you can (you guessed it!)... stitch it not ditch it.

Fixing a frayed hole at a seam

And there you have it!

A simple tutorial to help you mend and fix, everyday wear and tear! Will you be having a go at fixing some clothes? If you do, share your pics with us by tagging us on Instagram @sewmesomething and using the hashtags #stitchdontditch

Looking for pins, interfacing, needles and thread? Then head to our shop to get stocked up on all your basics. You'll be fixing not ditching in no time!

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  • Sue Wilkinson

    A great easy way to make a strong repair even to fairly fine fabrics, have tried it on viscose and it looks fine. Thanks for this good tip.

  • mary cunningham

    I found this very helpful. Have you any suggestions if the fabric is silk?

    I love your site.I have bought fabric and patterns from you and have joined the studio.

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