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Winnie Tutorial ‘How to remove the front pleat to create a flat front Culotte’

Have you made up your toile of our Winnie culottes but feel that the front would be better as a flat front?  Then follow these simple and easy instructions on how to remove the front pleat from your Winnie Culotte pattern.


a. Re-draw the straight grain further to the left of the pattern.  Make sure that it runs parallel with the original straight grain.

b. Draw three lines from the dart notches all the way to the cuff - this will not follow the straight grain but move straight along the front of the Culotte panel.

c. Fold the two outer lines so that they sit together.

d. Tape up down the folded piece, making sure that they sit flat and don’t warp the pattern piece.

e. At the top edge of the pattern there will be a slight kink along the top edge, using another piece of plain paper behind the pattern, tape it in place and draw a line from the top of the pattern to the centre front pattern piece and cut along the new line.

f. Now your pattern piece is ready to be cut in fabric.

Will you be removing the front pleat from your Winnie? If you do, share your pics with us by tagging us on Instagram @sewmesomething and using the hashtags #smswinnieculottes #smspatterns

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  • Mairny Whiting

    Hello Hayley at SMS.That is very interesting thank you.I’m imagining this does compromise the original width of the culottes at hem level ..I would love to make these trousers but I’m not sure how to overcome the fact that I am basically a Misses size but with a larger waist.I am a UK 16 but my waist is 39". This has been a problem for many years since producing twins..I think probably most of that large measurement is round the front??It does fluctuate a bit though and retirement hasn’t helped.We have lots of rhubarb now in the garden and it’s hard not to keep making rhubarb pies!!.Anyway I enjoyed learning how to remove the pleats.Kind Wishes Mairny

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